Truths And Myths About Car Window Tinting

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As we live in a country that receives a lot of heat from the sun around the year, any product that offers escape from this wrath immediately captures our attention. Window tinting solution is one such blessing of a product. We have our cars’ windows tinted so as to make them cooler, energy efficient and scratch resistant. Notwithstanding these obvious benefits, window tinting of cars as a solution to heat-related problems remains shrouded in various myths and misconceptions. Because of the rainy overall climate, people of Mandurah, in particular, are very circumspect about what happens once the tinting is done. Fear of rain ruining the newly embedded films reigns supreme, so does the doubt about tints’ ability to block ultraviolet (UV) rays. Moreover, some folks can’t accept the fact that bubbles are formed because of contaminated windows and not the tints themselves, ignoring the importance of washing the car before installing shades. Many suspect the durability of the tints as word of mouth has it that tints peel off due to their inferior material. In fact, a failure to resist rolling down the windows in the immediate aftermath of tinting does the damage. We have compiled for you a holistic myth buster vis-à-vis automotive window tinting: 

Window films don’t last long enough  

Judging from the standard consumer behaviour, many reject the idea of window tinting in the first place due to concerns about its durability. This simplistic view is problematic. The longevity of shades depends on a number of factors and there is no one size fits all answer in this regard. It depends on the type of window film purchased, the extent to which the car owner is careful enough, the vehicle itself, and the environment the car is exposed to after tinting. Performance of window tints also varies with shifting seasons and changing weather. If you are in Mandurah, car window tinting and its aftermath must not make you uncomfortable as you can hire seasoned windscreen and tinting professionals without facing any problem.  

Window tinting does not make much of a difference 

Another overly simplistic and deeply rooted in indifference view is that window films do not make much of a difference and that they are a mere showoff and nothing else. Well, apart from primary benefits such as heat rejection, privacy and UV rays absorption, these thin and sleek films do add wonders for your own comfort. If your Mandurah car window tinting service is experienced enough, you will be having tints installed on your windows that would reduce Visible Light Transmission (VLT) by almost 90%, make your car scratch resistant, provide safety from glass breakage and significantly improve your privacy.  

“Bubbles” in tint are common and just part of the tint process 

You should never have “bubbles” in your newly installed tint. Bubbles pop up due to contaminants on or in the window seal. Anomalies such as bubbles are bound to occur if the windows are not properly prepped or the tint is not embedded correctly. Moreover, sometimes, it is not possible to make all the water and bubbles go away from between the screens and the tints. It might take some time to get dried up completely and it depends entirely upon the outside weather condition. Again, it is important that you consider craftsmanship and installation your top priority before hiring a specialist.  

Window tinting will darken your windows and ruin your view 

Being blessed with abundant wildlife and scenic views, car window tinting Mandurah ought to be a tough decision for its circumspect folks. Be sure that technologically superior tints will never ruin your view. They will, in fact, enhance it as the tints use metallization or ceramic and less dye, giving incredibly crisp optics with superior heat, UV and glare rejection. How to get such superior quality films also stands as a myth busted as specialist auto glass tinting has been made easily accessible not only in Mandurah but across Australia.   

To sum up, window films are beneficial for your car in so many ways that their perceived shortcomings simply do not hold any water. By undertaking some simple yet important precautions before and after the treatment, you can make your automotive window tinting experience flawless.

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