Stylish and Affordable Kitchens with Hawkesbury Kitchens.

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Believe it or not, kitchens are the heart of every house, be it a big house or a small one. It is a place where the deepest conversations take place over a warn cup of hot chocolate and the place where memories are made over a hearty family meal. It does not matter if you have a big kitchen or a small kitchen, having a kitchen is enough. 

There is no need to spend all your life savings on furnishing your kitchen as well. it is important to find a balance between style, cost, and comfort when it comes to decorating a new kitchens in hills district or when looking into kitchen renovations.  

This is why Hawkesbury Kitchens has a basic slogan of providing stylish, modern, affordable and more importantly locally (Australian) made kitchens.   


 Hawkesbury Kitchens is a family-owned kitchen furnishing company that is known for providing quality equipment for your new kitchens and for kitchen renovations. They are also proud of producing new kitchens products and kitchen renovation material locally because what is more homely than using products made in your own country? 

The summary of Hawkesbury Kitchens is that they take the responsibility of providing exactly what their client needs because they believe in giving the client complete freedom in choosing and exploring the style they want. It does not matter if the client is looking into kitchen renovations in Baulkham hills or looking into kitchen equipment completely, Hawkesbury Kitchens only focuses on providing them with the best of the best.  

  • The have a huge range of product varieties to choose from down to every detail from colours to material to style. Their product range has everything from modern to classical styles that will suit every need including functionality and aesthetics.  
  • And if you leave the design part to Hawkesbury Kitchens themselves, then the team will help you visualize what is in your mind. They will help you conceptualize your idea and make it a reality no matter how wild it seems if they are modern and sleek new kitchens or if it is kitchen renovations with a vintage touch.  

The client must do the main part of planning the new kitchen and/or the kitchen renovations, the rest of the minor details are looked over by Hawkesbury Kitchens.  


On Hawkesbury Kitchens’ website, there is an entire gallery dedicated to custom made kitchens according to different styles and aesthetics. They have so many options to choose from that is very likely that you will find something that you will love. In addition to the kitchen renovation equipment, they also have a huge range of benchtops for kitchens that will suit any style you have in mind to fit in your new kitchen or one that will go along your kitchen renovations.  

This is something that most clients do not get with other companies when looking for kitchen renovations. Typically, it can be difficult to find a benchtop that will fit your existing kitchen equipment but with Hawkesbury Kitchens the team will work around with the material and style you already have to give you a matching benchtop. It is absolutely not necessary to get a new kitchen first; benchtops can be added while kitchen renovations too! 

Hawkesbury Kitchens have a waste variety of styles to choose from and clients can even make their own style combinations. Some of the kitchen projects are listed below: 

  1. East Kurrajong Project – a combination of black handles in prominently white kitchens 
  2. Wilberforce Project – the cozy and smart aesthetic 
  3. Glenorie Project – the heritage style aesthetic 
  4. Richmond Project – where classy meets clever as Shaker style meets country aesthetics 

And many more projects can be found on their website.  


To start working on your new kitchen and kitchen renovations with Hawkesbury Kitchens, all you need is to: 

  1. Measure and quote: record measurements of your kitchen with the staff 
  2. Design: go wild with your imagination! 
  3. Get the best value: the end product will leave you with something that you love and will cherish. The best value for your money indeed! 

Be it a new kitchen or kitchen renovations, you know Hawkesbury Kitchens has got your back! 

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