Scoring The Perfect Bathroom Tiles

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Tiles play an integral role in bringing out the aesthetics and the right shape of one’s bathroom out, therefore, Aussies are very peculiar about its selection, colour, placement, and texture. They have to be, reason being, they tend to be very thoughtful when it comes to the design and symmetry of their living spaces in accord with their respective tastes and preferences. Today, there are many vendors available in the market who have been offering an incredibly wide range of tiles in different colors, styles, textures, finishes, and sizes. A person gets overwhelmed by the amount of choice up for grabs in the surrounding but it is important for a person to be very careful in tiles selection for the bathroom because one wrong move could make you pay for life.  

It is imperative that you take yourself through the whole process in an informed way to make the right decision. First of all, it is recommended to pick up a trustworthy and an experienced vendor in Australia, Initial Tiles have been doing a good job in this regard especially when it comes to consulting clients and prospects about the right mix of tiles. Their professional customer service, product quality, and executions are bespoke of the value given to clients. However, there are still a few key things that one must be very clear about in its head to make the whole process a little less of a headache. 

Size Matters 

When you enter a showroom of bathroom tiles Sydney then you would see there are a wide variety of tiles available in different sizes, ranging from inch by inch to even feet by feet. It is however up to a person to choose the size which would look good on its bathroom, having considered the space in mind. The perk of having large tiles in place is this it would feel like one surface with lesser use of grout in placing them. While the mosaic-like tiles would require you to use more grout in order to place them correctly. So choose your style and size as per the requirement and style demand by your bathroom. 

Balancing Off Different Types 

When it comes to the bathroom tiles Australia, then you need to play with different types in order to strike the right balance. One monotonous look of tiles would beg you to incorporate a different texture or style of tile to strike a balance. While usage of too many different tile types would look too overwhelming to even acknowledge. Therefore, the main thing here is to find the right balance based on the size of the bathroom.  

Neutral Base & Ceiling 

People generally prefer to opt for the neutral colour base in the bathroom so eyes do not get focused on the floor instead of the given space. Similar is the case with the ceiling, this is the thing that allows you to play with accents on the walls and amp them up to add a little glamour and vogue as per your style preference.  

Colour Palette 

The most difficult and mandatory tasks in tile selection for bathrooms Australia is to come up with a colour palette. To pull this off, one must go with choosing the neutral colour tile firstly, then pick the one which you like the most and build other things up around it. It could be a simple tile or a striking one which you can use to add accent. But the whole process gets a lot easier once you have prepared your colour palette to go with.  

Never Ignore Texture 

Tile maintenance and cleaning are important aspects that often make people opt for the plain, smooth and glossy tiles. Though this sounds good but practically not a good idea, as the risk of slipping down would be amped up. Therefore, while choosing your bathroom tiles Sydney, it is important that you put plain tiles on the walls while textured ones on the floor in order to avoid the risks. Also, these would help you in keeping warm during the cold weather; so safe to say that, incorporate textured tiles whenever renovating or designing your bathroom. 

One must also think about the role of grout as well while taking into consideration the whole look of the bathroom. As it has a major role to play to keep tiles water resistant and in place but also, it has an impact on the visual appeal of the space. Therefore, it is preferred to make it a part of the design instead of taking it as a mere fill-in material. 

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