Save Nature, Live Healthy Life

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What is more blessing than living near nature? Whether it’s a greener, waterfalls, mountains, hills or the scenery, all the views look so fascinating and relaxing. When we live closer to nature, we feel healthy and content. There are many places and states which are not blessed with such mesmerising views. They have a plainer area. People residing over there can do multiple things to make their space look more natural and healthier.  

One of the things that we can do is planting the trees. It is the least expensive option to get closer to nature. We can have plants in small pots. They are not only used as a decorative purpose, but it also gives a soothing effect and leaves a positive impression on our overall mood. 

Home Garden is a Happy Place 

Moreover, we can grow the following things in our garden. 

  • Fruits: 

Consuming fruits are very healthy. Other than buying fruits from the market, we can grow them in our home garden as well. Many people are more towards growing organic fruits at their space. We can grow them even in the off-seasons. Also, we can grow the fruits which are not widely available in our state. 

  • Vegetables: 

Most women like to grow vegetables in the home garden. The aroma and the taste of fresh vegetables are different. It gives natural flavour to our dishes. The frozen products are not healthy even doctors recommend to avoid using frozen vegetables. It is a great idea to grow vegetables at home which we consume daily. Salad leaves, mint leaves, herbs, coriander leaves, tomatoes, lemon, all are the vegetables which we use daily in cooking different recipes. 

  • Flowers: 

It is a tendency of flowers that they give fragrance to our house. Some flowers give fragrance in day time whereas some give fragrance in the night time. Flowers give freshness to our overall area. the vibrant colour adds a soothing effect to our life. We feel positive and motivated. It is ultimately in favour of spending a healthy life. 

  • Nuts: 

We can’t grow nuts in small scale. We have to have a huge space to grow plants. Also, we need a specific amount of sunlight and air to grow them. They are usually grown in huge trees.  

How to Keep Trees Healthy 

There are many places around the globe which are blessed with the mountains and hills. They have a less part of greenery on the land. We have to plant trees to bring down the temperature. The benefit of having trees are numerous. They help in breathing. We need to take care of the trees. An arborist in Belrose can help us in maintaining the health of trees. 

  • Tree Lopping: 

When the trees grow larger, we need to remove the large branches. For example, when we have long hairs, we need to cut the tips once a month. When we don’t do so, they harm the overall growth of hairs. Likewise, branches of trees get large after a lapse of time. They harm the health of trees so we have to remove them to protect the fruits and vegetable on it. Tree lopping based in Collaroy is much-needed process. 

  • Cleaning and Washing: 

Cleaning and washing are equally important. Bacteria and germs are present in the air. There as some viruses as well which can cause diseases in the tree. To overcome the fear of tree and plant diseases, we have to clean them on a daily basis. 

Places Where We Need Plants and Trees 

There are many places where the presence of trees and plants are necessary. We can’t imagine those places without trees and plants. 

  • Parks: 

People go to parks to get fresh. There are jogging tracks and space for exercise as well. Doing exercise in the sky under the shadow of trees has a huge positive impact on human life. 

  • Homes 

When we have sufficient space in our house, it is an ideal option to have a small home garden where we can plant fruits, vegetables and flowers. It doesn’t make the appearance of our house look attractive but it also takes us closer to nature. We can have an evening tea sitting on the benches in the garden. 

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