How To Keep Your Windows Clean And Spot-Free

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Are you supposed to have guests at home? Or, is your grandma coming to visit you? We know you must be in a frenzy with the scrubbing overdrive going in to the full swing. This means, no counter left behind and cleanliness at the best. While we won’t say that you don’t generally keep your house clean, but such intense spick and span happens only once in a year. Even if you are weekend cleaning warriors, and spend every other weekend cleaning your house away, we know there are some places that you must have neglected. Some of these may include your windows as well. There might be a ton of reasons as to why you never did that, with the commonest of them being that the thought never occurred to you. It’s all normal, as it happens with even extreme of the clean freaks as well. Windows are often the most neglected part of the cleanliness mission and they go unnoticed most of the time. This is the reason, when you decide to clean them up, there is going to be a lot that needs to be done. You would want to find easiest and shortest of the ways through which you can get done with the cleaning. Don’t do that research, because we have done that for you. Instead, save your energy, and start with the mission ‘Clean, sweep Windows!’ 

Let’s start with what you will need for the squeaky clean windows. You must have a large bucket, warm water, white vinegar, large sponge, a few rags, a squeegee, a good window cleaner, and several sheets of newspaper. Once you have all the window cleaning suppliesget up early in the morning, so you are able to see all the streaks of dirt without sun hitting directly at them. For outer windows, start by taking a gallon of warm water, pour it into a bucket and add 1 cup white vinegar. Take the sponge and soak it completely in this solution. Wipe the sponge all over the window in S-motion, by getting to one side, turning around and going the opposite way, and ending with a row down. Dunk your sponge again, if needed.  

Now, take a squeegee and slightly wet it, so it wouldn’t skip against the glass. Follow the path you made with the sponge, but be careful to wipe all the excess water away beforehand. Once done, spray a strong mix of 1:1 vinegar and water. You can also use a window or glass cleaner in place of vinegar, but we have found the latter to work better. Spray in such a way that the solution covers most of the glass. Take a clean rag, and wipe the cleaning solution across the window and the window hardware. When you are done wiping, you will notice how much of a grime was still left. Let the window dry, and when it is mostly done, take newspaper and wipe off any traces of remaining liquid. Giving this once-over to the windows with the newspaper will ensure that they are squeaky clean.  

Coming to the insides of the window, they might not as dirty, but they might not be clean either. Just as you did outside, spray a 1:1 water to vinegar/ cleaner solution. When the window is covered, take a clean rag to wipe the solution. Once the window is mostly dry, make a bunch of newspaper and wipe off any traces of liquid left. Voila! Your windows are spot free and completely clean from the inside as well.  

With your own supplies, this is the easiest way to ensure that your windows are clean and you are allowed to see what’s happening outside. It will be completely worth your time and efforts, as clean windows will allow brighter sun rays, giving your home a lively appearance. Consider making this a routinely activity to not only keep your house clean, but to get the best benefits of the aptly positioned windows that you have. If your windows are too dirty or there are unreachable areas, you know it is time to call a professional. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you wouldn’t be able to clean them and this is why professional cleaners exist. Right?  

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