Essential Tips on Choosing a Security Door

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With the increasing burglary rates in the country, it is now becoming important for homeowners to increase the security. The first thing you need to work on is your door. So, you need to start thinking about installing a highly reliable Melbourne security doors. Now, if you are thinking that are security doors really reliable? Then you must keep reading this out. This is because, here we are going to answer this question. We will also highlight the essential tips which you must keep in mind while choosing a security door. Here, you will learn how to get the best value of your money in terms of a security door. Also, you will end up buying a door which will fulfill your needs.  

  1. Check quality certifications: 

If you want to make sure that you are buying a high quality security door, first thing you need to do is to check the quality certifications of the supplier. Certified companies meet the standards of strength and quality. Moreover, they have also passed multiple tests like fire tests, knife sheer test as well as anti – jimmy tests. Needless to say, you must get a security door which is reliable and durable. This is because, there are many suppliers who use low quality materials in the making of security doors. Such products only cause failure at the time of need.  

  1. Go for powder coated and corrosion free doors: 

It is advisable to choose powder coated door and doors which are protected from corrosion rather than painted doors. The painted doors will not stand against heat of the sun and you will end up spending a lot of money on its maintenance. On the other hand, powder coated doors went through galvanization process. Here, we would like to mention that the staying power of powder coating solely depends on the environment you are living in. For instance, if you are living near coastal area, where the salt is carried by the wind, your door will strip the powder with the passage of time. All you need to do is the proper maintenance of the door and it will remain corrosion resistant for many years to come.  

  1. Check the locks and handles: 

As a matter of fact, locks and handles are among the most important gears of a good quality security door. So, it is suggested that you choose a supplier that sells products with locks and handles made up of high quality. If you are not sure about the quality, you must ask the supplier about the warranty. However, you must look for a door which comes with mortice locks instead of surface mounted locks. The lock should be placed inside a lock box or else in the framework of the door. This design will ensure that lock will not be taken down easily.  

  1. Opt for weld-on hinges: 

Smoothness of a door is dependent on the type of hinges door has. Smooth doors have pin hinges which are welded onto the frame. These hinges offer great strength because the frame is attached with the wall. The quality of pin hinges is that they can give support to heavy structures of the door. In case of aluminium Melbourne security door, you have to choose butt hinges attached with a pin which is locked into the framework of the door.   

  1. Design of the door: 

One of the most important things to decide is the design of the door. You must choose something which suits with the rest of the house. It should be unique and stylish. This is because, doors are the first thing which people will notice when they visit your house. So, if you are willing to make a statement, you must not hesitate in choosing a good security door. You can have them in various colours and designs according to the theme of the house.  

  1. Get a customized security door: 

If you want a door which has been designed only for your home, then you can go for customized security doors. You can explain your requirements in detail and make sure that you get a security door right according to your demand.  

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