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Nail care and decoration is an intricate art and requires immense time and work and energy for a perfect look. This is why nail technicians have to put in so much effort in the entire process of creating the simplest of looks. And before even becoming a nail technician or working at a spa, and mastering the art of gel nail polish, they have to undergo a lot of training and spend hours perfecting this craft.  

And wouldn’t it be so much easier if these technicians have access to easy-to-use and time-saving equipment and products? This would make their work much easier and also allow them to work more productively and efficiently.  

And the leading business in the nail care/ product market is undoubted, NSI Australia or Nail Systems International. For instance, NSI is the pioneer of Acrylic Nails and have proudly been the introducers of Acrylic nail products in the market. So if you are looking to buy gel nail polish, portable nail drill or any other nail product, then know that NSI is a nail product haven! 


NSI has been working in the nail products market for more than 50 years and have vast experience and have been able to create a good name in the market. Their quality products are well-known and have been supplied to America for more than 50 years as well. NSI’s goal is to be able to create productivity increasing, less-time consuming and quality products for technicians to use worldwide be it gel nail polishes or portable nail drill. Anything to make it easier for nail technicians.  

The key to their success is that they have made it a policy to listen to the needs of professionals to get a closer look at the problems they face so they can collaboratively work to find solutions. Through this policy the NSI team are proud inventors of fibreglass reinforced polymers, powder acrylics, UV cured gels and more. And to keep up their reputation, NSI has made it a routine to produce their products such as gel nail polish and portable nail drill in small batches with tracking numbers so any faulty product can be tacked and fixed. All batches of products are quality tested and only the best is sent out. NSI also goes the extra mile to make sure that none of its products are tested on animals as well.   

Below is an overview of NSI’s best products: 


If you are looking to buy gel nail polish, the NSI is the place to buy it from. They are the best when it comes to Australia’s gel nail polishes. They have a vast range of gel nail polish related products available on their website from Gel Polish French Kit to Glow in the Dark Fluorescent Gel Polish. If you work/ own a nail salon, then this wide range of gel nail polish from NSI is guaranteed to cater for any customer that comes in. there is something for everyone here! 

Their products are not only catered for a salon exclusively but you can buy their products at your local nail salon too to give yourself a perfect manicure at home. Their gel nail polish lasts longer than ordinary brands and their cruelty-free remover is gluten-free and vegan. With all-natural products, how good can they get?  


A technician’s best friend! If you own a nail salon or are eager to perfect the art of nail beauty at home, then a portable nail drill is the best investment you can make. These are lifesavers. Portable nail drills are electric/battery-powered nail drill that helps to file, shape and buffer your nails.  

These drills are used for many functions and come in different sizes and shapes and especially have a ton of bits. At NSI you can buy just one portable nail drill and then buy individual bits as per your needs. These bits have various purposes and shapes with different textures and materials, all as per your demands. And apart from: 

  • cuticle cleaners 
  • sanding beads 
  • and numerous shaping bits 

 NSI also has portable nail drill kits (pre-made!). Since these bits can be overwhelming, as a newbie you can invest in an economical nail kit set that has all the basic tool you need.  

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