All about the horse racing industry

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Everybody loves to get engaged in a sport whether they are the ones that are actively participating in the sport or watching it because of their love for it. Some people that are really into in certain sports go as far to put money into it whether it is investing in the entire game or in the case of horse racing, investing in the bloodstock horse sales. Horses have been a means of transport since the earliest of times as they are the fastest animal that can be ridden on by humans. From being ridden bareback to the invention of the saddle and then using carriages to take people from one place to another, horses have been around humans since long time. Horse racing has also been around since the start of the Olympic games in Greece and became further organized in the medieval times and so on. Since then there have been constant new rules and systems that have been put into place for the sport of horse racing and many new aspects have come into the picture such as breeding horses specifically for racing known as the bloodstock. This bloodstock is of a certain type of horse known as thoroughbred which are the most popular breed used for racing. The sport is an equestrian one and involves two or more horses that are ridden by jockeys in a race to finish first. There are generally two types of racing; flat racing and jump racing. Flat racing is the race during which the horses racing in a straight or oval track that has no hurdles while jump racing is one in which the horse has to jump over certain obstacles in order to win the race. It takes a lot of stamina from the horse to compete in the race and it also involves a lot of expertise from the jockey as they have to manoeuvre the horse. Horse racing is a popular sport and  people will come from various areas just to watch this sport and bid on various horses especially if some of them have reached a lot of popularity. 

Types of racehorses 

Although thoroughbreds are the most widely used type of racehorses, there are several more breeds as well:  

  1. Arabian horses are a common breed that have high stamina and spirit as well as a high level of intelligence but with a soft disposition which means that they become familiar with people quite easily. They have originated from the Arabian Peninsula but have spread throughout the world.  
  2. The most prominent breed is the thoroughbred and it was developed in England in the 17th century. They are characterized with a long neck and legs, a lean body and a deep chest. They are sort of hot blooded and have a certain boldness about them as well and are known for their strength and speed. Thoroughbred syndications is also the most common which refers to various people buying shares in a certain horse , they will pay a certain part of the expenses and also get a part of the money that the horse has won as well.  
  3. Quarter horses are usually used in America and have a small yet muscled body.  There are also standard bred horses that are mostly used in harness racing and for trotting as well.  

The syndication 

Racehorse syndication is a common practice especially thoroughbred syndication and refers to a certain group if people that have bought a share in a racehorse and because of that they will also pay for some of the expenses and also earn some percentage of the prize money that is won by that horse. The syndicator is the company that is registered and licensed to trade shares in a certain area and will also take the responsibility of managing the horse which includes communicating with the trainer. The process of syndication makes it easy as well as affordable to own a racehorse. When going for thoroughbred syndication or any other type, you should remember that investment does not always mean success and even though your horse may be very well trained, there may be others that are better. However, through this process you are able to enjoy the lifestyle of racing and get to meet more horse lovers such as yourself.  

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