Why vaping is here to stay.

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When vapes initially started showing up on the streets, they were obviously seen as a little weird. It doesn’t take very long to think of reasons why – the little steel device seemed to be a super unnecessary hassle compared to the simple puff on the cigarette or the class of the cigar. Compared to these two, it just seemed like something that was trying too hard to be a fad. In addition to this, users of the cigarette or the cigar could never picture themselves switching to the vape. After all, the cigarette came with the classic, 80’s rocker vibe and the cigar came with a class that couldn’t be paralleled – and of course, both of these gave us the nicotine kick that we needed to get through the day. With these factors in mind, for a while it really did seem like the vape was just a minor fad, which would fade away soon enough, in the span of either a few months or a year. Of course, this hardly turned out to be the case. As time progressed, popularity of the vape grew and grew until it became a trend that was here to stay. The vape came to the fore like many ingenious inventions before it, such as the TV and the car had – first, by suffering ridicule, but later, coming into great acclaim. 

As time progressed, people came to learn of the many benefits that came with vaping. What had earlier seemed like just another way to look cool now came to be known for its various health benefits. One of the very obvious and biggest benefits of vaping was that you could go completely nicotine free. This was something that made the vape a game changer for so many people out there who were addicted to cigarettes. The health risks of smoking cigarettes are, of course, widely known. Known to contain more than 4000 types of chemicals, and known to be a leading causing factor of lung cancer and so many more respiratory diseases, cigarettes and cigars can easily destroy our lives. In contrast to this, vapes could be a great way for addicts to work towards being nicotine free, as they could gradually lower the nicotine levels in the vape fluid. 

This one fact alone has meant that sales of vapes all across the globe, including in vape store Australia have increased drastically. Almost everyone looking to quit smoking uses a vape to taper themselves off gradually. However, in addition to this very important factor, there are many other reasons why vaping is the new way to smoke. When we think of something healthy, we never really imagine it to taste good as well. However, we can get both of these things all rolled into one package with the vape. Vaping juice comes in more flavours than we can imagine. There can be the more basic flavours like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, and then we can have the crazier flavours, like apple pie, unicorn tears and so much more. The whole experience can thus be not just healthy, but extremely fun as well.  

Apart from vapes being great if you want to lose the cigarettes and want to have fun, contrary to popular belief, vaping can go pretty easy on your pocket too. Purchasing the device once can last us many, many years and one bottle of liquid can last us many sessions, as only a few drops are required. In addition to this, some vape stores Australia can offer discounts on bundles, which can end up lasting very long time. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect package, get yourself a vape today! 

Vapes have now officially made their own space in the world. Whether you see your friends using these sleek devices or whether you see them all over social media, you know that they are here to stay. If you are looking for the widest variety of vape fluids in town, at the best prices, head on over to Juice Cartel. At Juice Cartel you can get all the vape flavors that you couldn’t even have dreamed of! With their fluids you can take your vaping experience to the next level!  

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