Take Charge Of Your Heart & Keep It Healthy! 

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We all know that the heart is the door to health and our overall wellbeing. No matter what you eat or do, it all falls into how your heart perceive it and work accordingly. The final word will always be that you need to know your heart, what it likes and dislikes and what needs to be done to keep it working well. The shortcut is to be aware that a good diet and exercise is the key to a healthy heart. This is something we all know, so you must be questioning, what else can be done to keep this vital organ of the body going, better than ever. If you are struggling to find it out, we are making it easier for you like always. Here are some of the habits you should inculcate in your lifestyle to improvise the heart health. 

Eat Healthy: 

You see, this right here, is a no brainer. As mentioned above, what you eat has a direct effect on your heart health. This means that if anything not worthy of fuelling your body goes in your body, you will have some serious implications. Most of the people have this general misconception that fats are extremely harmful for the body and should never be eaten. Remember, you need to eat fats to complete your body’s requirement, but the healthy fats and not the trans ones. You should not have trans fats, as they have proven to be harmful for heart diseases and increase the chances of having a stroke over a lifetime. Keep a littmann stethoscope  with you, if you are already vulnerable to heart issues. Check your diet and remove any type of trans fat, because it clogs your arteries through bad cholesterol. When you eliminate them from your diet, the blood flow throughout the body is improved. In case, you are scratching your head, because trans-fat sounds like a jargon to you, let us tell you the items you need to avoid completely.  The snacks, fried food, fast foods and packaged baked products are all what you need to get rid of.  

Get Rest & Sleep Well: 

It doesn’t matter if you are fine and well, sitting in a same position or sitting altogether for a long period of time isn’t good for your health. Even if you exercise, the researches and studies have shown that those who sat the most are more prone to cardiovascular diseases. So, this might come as bad news for all those people who sit at work throughout the day. Those who are already prone to heart issues due to any genetic disorder or other reason should not sit for a long period of time, as they are at a risk of developing a blood clot. Try to move at regular intervals, take a break during work to walk a little and make exercise a part of your normal routine. Likewise, see if your body is getting enough rest through a proper shutdown or now. What we mean here is that sleep enough, so you don’t damage your heart and develop any risk of diseases. It has been proven through a study that those people who sleep fewer than six hours are twice as likely to have a heart attack than those who sleep properly; eight hours every night. We all studied it during the junior years that when you sleep your body recovers from all the damages it underwent throughout the day. It means that unrest can lead to inflammation, heart diseases and other health issues. So, what’s the solution? Leave everything aside and give sleep the priority it deserves. All else will follow when you are healthy and well. 

Avoid Smoking: 

No surprises here. Right? Smoking is a plague, run away from it as fast as you can. An exposure to smoke can lead to a high risk of developing heart diseases and get affected by cancer. You don’t have to be a smoker here, the passive smokers who are affected by high BP or cholesterol are at much greater risk of inflicting damage to their heart. Do not smoke and do not let smokers come near to you. Secondhand smoke is equally damaging, so you know there is a need to stay away from it as well.

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