Horse riding essentials.

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Horseback riders will tell you that there is nothing that can be as therapeutic as horseback riding. They’ll tell you that there is just something otherworldly and absolutely magical about being on the back of a magnificent beast and feeling the wind brush past you as you gallop along. Of course, not everyone can jump on the back of a horse and expect it to go well. In fact, it can take years of practice before we can consider ourselves to actually be good. The effort that we have to put in learning the skill is paid off tenfold however because when we finally get good at it, there is nothing that can compare to the exhilaration that we feel as we power on ahead. Horseback riding is a sport that requires your utter and absolute focus, and with proper dedication it can help us grow stronger not just physically but emotionally as well. The accomplishment that we feel as we progress can be one of the most rewarding feelings in the world, as every turn and every jump can be a monumental moment to overcome. All of these factors combined make horse riding one of the most popular sports in the world.  

Importance of sports specific gear. 

Of course, just as it is with every sport, horse riding also requires specific gear. Without the proper horse riding equipment we can find that our performance can actually be quite negatively impacted, and even a leisurely ride can seem quite complicated and difficult to execute. Just as we cannot play football, baseball, volleyball or do swimming without the proper equipment, we cannot simply jump on top of a horse and expect the ride to go well. There are several important pieces of equipment that we need to invest in if we want to make sure that our ride goes well and these include but aren’t limited to saddles, harnesses, reins and many more. Just as important, however, are the clothes that we wear when we choose to go horse riding. Just as we wouldn’t step into the football field in a skirt, it wouldn’t be wise to jump onto a horse in anything other than riding breeches.  

Benefits of riding breeches. 

Apart from the equipment, what we need the most is a good pair of ladies riding breeches. If we’re being honest, these riding breeches can either make or break our riding game. These breeches are in fact so deeply associated with horse riding that they have become synonymous with the sport. These breeches are what allow us to really communicate with our steed, and to ride successfully without being distracted by any slipping, chaffing or other uncomfortable things. Without riding breeches we can feel extremely unsafe on the horse as we simply won’t have the support that we need. In addition to this, we will also very likely fall prey to chaffing and extreme soreness later. With high quality breeches you can give all your attention to your performance, rather than worrying about your pants. 

Different types of riding breeches. 

There are different kinds of riding breeches available depending on what our requirements are. Most breeches are formulated with breathable fabric that is also extremely comfortable and easy for us to move about in, so we never feel restricted. In addition to this, some riding breeches are made to fit perfectly inside riding boots, without ever bunching up. There can be different sorts of womens riding gear available, depending on what we plan on doing and what the event is, such as evening breeches, hunter breeches and jumper breeches to name a few.  

It isn’t hard to imagine why horse riding has remained such a popular support even hundreds of years after it was conceived. This sport is one that has had equal acclaim in both male and female circles, and so for any girl out there looking to be the next horse riding prodigy, the right place to head to is Giddy up Girl! Here, you can find the most comfortable and stylish of breeches that can help you look stunning on the horse while also being perfectly functional.  

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