An Intensive Guide to Wooden Crates in Online Market

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Crates are basically containers in which items and products are shipped to other parts of the world. They are made up of several materials. However, metal and wood are on the front line. Beside shipping products from one country to another, they are also used in transferring heavy or light products in bulk from one warehouse to another. The warehouse could be in the same locality or area as well. Customization of crates is the essential need of the time. It is why manufacturers take care of the client’s requirement. Personalization is dependent on two aspects – the usage and items to be carried.  

Types of Crates: 

There are many types of crates. Among which metal and wooden ones are more important and used than plastic. Plastic is not much used due to the fact that they are easily breakable and the purpose is not achieved. Whereas, the other two are always high on stature because of its utility and worth.  

Wooden Crates Sydney: 

In this article, we are only going to focus on wooden crates because they are more in use than metal or plastic. They are also widely used material in the shipping industry. Wood is of many types and kinds. Manufacturers use only two types though – lumber and plywood. 

Features of Wooden Crates: 

Following are the basic features of wooden crates which are why they are used more commonly than other materials.  

  • Easily customized: wooden crates are customized on its size, length, and design.  
  • Reusable: you get crates which you can use multiple times without any issue.  
  • Affordable: wood is found naturally as compared to the other two types which are why it is most cheap and affordable.  
  • Sturdy: wooden crates have the ability to resist jerks while transfers or/and transits. This is the reason why the material or items inside are kept safe and protected. These crates are corrosion free that gives another reason to get them instead of plastic or metal crates.  
  • Stackable: due to the fact that wooden crates are stackable, they don’t require much space and can be shipped or transferred in a lesser area.   
  • Environment-friendly: since it is corrosion free, it doesn’t catch fire or get chemical damages when thrown away.  

Disadvantages of Wooden Crates: 

There is one major drawback of wooden crates though – it doesn’t have the ability to hold moisture. The problem can be solved by covering it with two or three layers of thick paint or several layers of varnish. It will obviously add on the price which makes it costly and less affordable. After covering it with several layers of paint or varnish, they become less usable as they are not able to use more than a few times.  

Best Usage of Wooden Crates: 

Wooden crates are best when they are used in the following ways: 

  • Packing and storing goods or commodities in an environment where everything is water-proof  
  • Food is packed and stored for shipping.  
  • Clothes or cosmetics are stored for shipments.  
  • Hardware and other tools are shipped.  
  • Glass, crystal, crockery, furniture, and certain fragile goods are packed to handle them nicely for shipping. 

Customization of Wooden Crates: 

At times, people don’t want to use patent and conventional wooden boxes or crates for shipping their goods. All they look for is a new design, new dimensions, and new colour scheme. Cases of this kind prevail when users want to send gift items to their friends, family, relatives, or close ones. There are many companies which provide wooden crates in Sydney in the very same way – completely customized. However, one thing remains constant while customization and that is about it being ninety degrees.   

Likewise, when companies hire manufacturers to custom make wooden crates, they want it for their promotional items and goods. Logos are painted or printed on the outer side of the wooden crates, while the inner side remains of some distinct colour. Colour combination is also based on the logo and the company’s trademark.  

Besides printing and painting, there is another way of managing logos on wooden crates. That is called screen printing. It is a bit different from the usual printing that is done on the printer. Two tones colouring and staining these wooden boxes is another domain that is new in the market. Obviously, these are all a bit costly but are meant for those who have its need. Otherwise, wooden crates are best to go with options in the crates and boxing world.   

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